9 Ultimate Ghibli Meals That You Should Try Once



Are you a Ghibli fan? If you are, you might have heard of Ghibli Meals (Ghibli Meshi in Japanese) before. It is very popular to cook meals that imitate the one in those Ghibli movies. Here are ultimate Ghibli Meals.


1. Ham Noodles From Ponyo

Probably this is one of the most famous Ghibli Meals in the world. Making this is not hard. Put a big slice of ham onto your noodles, and that makes your noodle special!


2. Pumpkin Pie From Kiki’s Delivery Kitchen

The one in film looked great, but this real pie looks even greater and really cute!


3. Calcifer’s Bacon And Eggs From Howl’s Moving Castle

This must be the best meal to have for breakfast. Don’t forget that you fry “two eggs” at the same time!


4. Satsuki’s Bento Box From My Neighbor Totoro

It’s a simple bento box, but I’m sure you can imagine the scene from the film eating this simple but perfect bento box.

5. Chocolate Cake From Kiki’s Delivery Service


This is a chocolate cake that the old woman in the film baked for Kiki. It’s a special cake made with her love to Kiki.


6.  Spaghetti Meatballs From The Castle Of Cagliostro

This is a spaghetti that LupinⅢ was eating in the Cagliostro Castle. It is really filling spaghetti made adding a lot of meat balls!


7. Sandwich From Castle In The Sky

It is also a simple sandwich but everyone would love it. Many people love eating this with a lot of mayonnaise.


8. Fish Shaped Cookies From The Cat Returns

Look at the pretty shape of those cookies! Once you start eating this, you would not be able to stop it until it’s gone.


9. Milk Porridge From Kiki’s Delivery Service

This is milk porridge that Osono made for Kiki when she had a cold. It must make us feel so good too when we got tired and eat this.