Amazing Ice Creams You Can Get At Convenience Store In Japan



It is so hot and humid during summer in Japan. But if you want to eat something cold, you can just go to a convenience store close to you and get amazing ice creams. Today, I’m going to share five amazing ice creams that you can get at Japanese convenience store.

1. Yukimi Daifuku

If you are a big fan of mochi, it is must for you to try this. It looks like a normal Daifuku which has sweet bean paste inside, but Yukimi Daifuku has vanilla ice cream instead. Not only vanilla, they have many varieties of flavor, chocolate, matcha, cookie cream etc..

2. Pino

Pino is a chocolate covered ice cream. In the box, there are six small ice creams that you can eat in just one bite. It has usually round shape, but sometimes you will find ones with shape of heart in a box. If you find one with a shape of heart, you are really lucky.

3. Haagen Dazs

Haagen Dazs is a famous ice cream in any countries in the world, but you can find some unique flavors in Japan. For example, the ones in the photo are season limited edition flavors in Japan. Both of them have mochi on top and reproduce the taste of traditional Japanese sweets.

4. Suika Bar

In Japan, eating Suika Bar is one of the thigns you must do in summer. The ice cream literally has a shape of a slice of watermelon. It even has watermelon seeds inside the ice cream, which is made of chocolate. Also, lotte has Melon Bar ice cream which looks like a melon.

5. Garigari Kun

Garigari Kun is an ice cream which has been loved by many people for a long time. It is usually cheap (around 70 yen), which is one of the reasons why Garigari Kun is so popular. Most famous flavor is soda, but they sometimes develop really unique flavors, such as fried eggs taste and naporitan taste.