Best Sweets To Buy For Souvenir When You Travel Japan



Getting souvenirs is one of the most fun things to do when you travel. Today I’m going to introduce five sweets for souvenirs which have great taste but you might not have known yet.

1. Tokyo Banana / Tokyo

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本日、8月7日は「東京ばな奈の日」❗️🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 . 「8(ば)」「7(なな)」の語呂合わせで、2018年から制定している8月7日を『東京ばな奈の日』❗️ちゃんと「一般社団法人 日本記念日協会」によって正式に認定されているんです✨✨✨ . しかも、東京ばな奈は今年で誕生30年目😃😃😃多くの方に愛されてここまで来ることができました。感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです😌😌😌 . 今だけオンラインショップでもご購入いただけるので、ぜひこの機会にゲットしてみてください! . #東京ばな奈 #東京バナナ #tokyobanana #お菓子 #お菓子好き #おやつの時間 #東京名物 #東京グルメ #東京スイーツ #お菓子好きな人と繋がりたい #東京観光 #東京旅行 #おやつ部 #お菓子部 #お土産 #おみやげ #東京土産 #東京 #tokyo #スタンプ #sweetsgram #japanesefood #東京ばなな #オンラインショップ #お取り寄せスイーツ #甘いもの大好き #アニメーション #夏休み #8月7日 #東京ばな奈の日

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Tokyo Banana is one of the most famous souvenir in Japan which has been loved by a lot of people for over 30 years. Inside its sponge cake, it has banana taste cream filling. It comes in a lot of different flavors and different cute package designs.

2. Kiniranu Ringo / Aoyama

If you like apple pies, you will love this Kininaru Ringo as well. You might be really surprised when you cut this, because it has one whole apple inside the pie. You can get them in Aoyama prefecture which is a major product area of apples.

3. Shiroi Koibito / Hokkaido


Shiroikoibito is chocolate sand cookies which is manufactured in Sapporo, Hokkaido. The name of Shiroi Koibito means “white lover” in Japanese comes from white snows that the CEO saw in Hokkaido.

4. Yatsuhashi / Kyoto

Yatsuhashi is one of the most popular sweet souvenir in Kyoto. The outside is soft and chewy like mochi, and they have sweet filling inside (usually sweet red bean paste). As well as Tokyo Banana, Yatsuhashi comes in bunch of different flavors from original anko flavor to chocolate and lamon flavor etc..

5. Chinsuko / Okinawa


Chinsuko is famous biscuit made in Okinawa. They are made from lard and flour and almost same as shortbread, but the point is that they have some unique flavors which use Okinawa’s fruits and vegetables, such as pineapple flavor and sweet potato flavor.