Breakfast at Toyosu Fish market



If you want to have the best breakfast experience in Tokyo, you should definitely start your day at the Toyosu Fish market. Opening from 5 AM, Toyosu Fish market has various restaurants serving the amazing breakfast of fresh ingredients. As there are so many to choose from, we will help you out by introducing some of the popular restaurants.

Access To Toyosu Fish Market

To visit the Toyosu Fish market, go to “Shijomae Station” on the Yurikamome line.

Entrance to the Fish market is free, and you will find the restaurants located on different blocks/floors.


Kaisen-don at “Ooedo”

Ooedo has many fans for its great quality “Kaisen-don” (Rice bowl with Seafood topping) which can be enjoyed at a low price. The best part of this restaurant is that you get to create your original Kaisen-don, by picking the topping of your own choice.

Location : Block 6, 3rd Floor

Sushi at “Daiwa Zushi”

You will always find a long queue in front of Daiwa Zushi, as they serve you the top-rated sushi amongst all the restaurants from the market. We recommend you to order the “Omakase” course, where the chef will serve you the best Sushi made from the catch of the day. 

Location: Block 5, 1st Floor

Curry Rice at “Nakaei”

If you are not in the mood of seafood, trying the Japanese-style curry rice at Nakaei would be a great option. Founded in 1912, the restaurant is always loved for its 3 main menus; Spicy “Indian Curry”, Mild “Beef Curry”, and the Tomato-based “Hashed beef”. If you find it difficult to only pick one flavor, go for the “Aigake” where you get to pick 2 flavors on the same plate!

Location: Block 6, 3rd Floor

Tempura at “Temfusa”

Looking for an extravagance breakfast? Go to Temfusa to savor the just fried tempuras. Along with the all-time favorite Shrimp Tempura, you should definitely try the “Conger eel” Tempura, as this is one of the must-eat items at Toyosu Fish market.

Location: Block 5, 1st Floor

Soba at “Fujimiya”

If you prefer light breakfast, go to Fujimiya, the only restaurant serving Soba (Noodles made from Buckwheat) at the market. Choose from either Soba in hot soup, which will warm you up during the cold winter morning, or Soba to dip in cold broth, a great option on a hot sunny day. If there is enough space in your stomach, order the tempuras or rice bowls to match with your noodle.

Location: Block 5, 1st Floor