Can You Eat Them All? Super-size Japanese Foods In Tokyo



Super-size foods are popular in Japan and it is also played up often by TV program. If you have interested in super-size foods, let’s give it a try at following shops. Besides, you can eat a lot of Japanese foods too!

Megumiya – Kyobashi

This place offers Soba which is one of the Japanese noodles. It is a secret menu but you can choose 1kg of noodles portion. And just for your information, since this Soba shop is stand-up eating, there is no chair.

Address : 3 Chome-4-3 Kyobashi, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0031

Jan Curry

This is a Japanese curry which took 3 days to make. Jan Curry also won the prize of No.1 curry in Japan before. With fried pork, fried chicken, ground meat cutlet and croquette, its name changes to “Calorie Curry”.

Address : 3 Chome-6-7 Sotokanda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0021

Menya Musashi – Hamamatsu

This is famous Japanese noodles shop called Musashi. Its super-size portion is 1kg, but this weight is before it is boiled. After the noodles have been boiled, it weighs about 2 kg. Surprisingly, the price is same as other portions!

Address : 105-0013 Tokyo, Minato City, Hamamatsuchō, 1 Chome−29−6 1F

This shop offers Japanese-style set meal but in a huge portion. This set meal includes rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables and fried chicken. And you can choose the piece of fried chicken from 2 pieces to 6 pieces.

Address : 1 Chome-13-5 Nihonbashimuromachi, Chuo City, Tokyo 103-0022

Katsugyu – Shibuya

Here is also a famous beaf cutlet shop in Tokyo. This is also a set meal but with beaf cutlet including rice, miso soup, vegetables and some sauces. You can enjoy various part of the beaf which are rib roast, loin, tender loin, tongue and Japanese black beaf.

Address : 150-0043 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Dogenzaka, 1 Chome−19−14 B1F

Sukiya – Shinjuku

This beaf bowl shop is a chain shop that you can find everywhere in Tokyo. So called King-Gyudon(Gyudon means beaf bowl in Japanese) is a secret menu and weighs over 1kg! Since this shop is the easiest to access than the other shops, it will be great to try and experience Japanese super-size food.

Address : 3 Chome-32-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0022  and so on