Eating tour at Asakusa



Being the World famous tourist attraction, Asakusa is full of amazing gourmets which can be bought and eaten while you tour around the area. Here we will recommend you from typical Japanese snacks to the latest trending food stall, which will be a perfect company for you sightseeing!

Dorayaki – “Kameju”

If you are a fan of the famous Japanese animation “Doraemon”, you must be familiar with the traditional Japanese snack “Dorayaki”, where a red bean paste is sandwiched by two mini flat castellas. “Kameju” is ranked as one of the top three Dorayaki stores in Tokyo. It is located near the symbolic Kaminari gate which makes it accessible. The pancake-like castellas matches in good harmony with the sophisticated red bean paste, which is understandable for why there is always a long queue in front of this store.

Address : 2-18-11 Kaminarimon, Taito-Ku, Tokyo 111-0034

Age-Manju – “Asakusa Kokone”

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【#浅草ぶらり 】① 浅草をぶらり! そういえば、ちょうど1年前の1月最後の日曜日も浅草ぶらりしてた(笑) まずは浅草寺でお参り!何度目の初詣。 毎回祈ることは同じ…。(笑) その後、仲見世通りのお店であげまんじゅう!プレーンとゴマを。 他にももんじゃ味とかカレー味とかあって気になった! パクリ…おお、揚げたてじゃないのねえ。冷めてる感じ。要は、よく実家で出てきた、ホットケーキミックスで作った手作りドーナツの味。それに美味しいあんこが入ってる感じ。 美味しいけどー、これで1個130円は高いし、わざわざ買う必要も無いかもーと思った(笑) でも、お茶とは合うね! 揚げたてだとまた違うんだろうなぁ〜 . . #浅草#浅草九重#あげまんじゅう浅草九重#あげまんじゅう#揚げまんじゅう#あげまん#浅草寺#仲見世通り#仲見世通りで食べ歩き#雷門#グルメ#食べスタグラム#インスタグルメショー#グルメ好きさんと繋がりたい

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Manju, a type of sweet dumplings,  is another typical and common Japanese snack, but it is not widely known that this Manju tastes great when it is fried. “Asakusa Knokonoe” is a popular store selling fried “Age Manju”, and is located in the Nakamise Street, near the famous Sensoji Temple. There are 11 different flavors of Age Manju, from the standard red bean paste to green tea, to non-sweet flavors such as curry and Monja (local cuisine of the are).

Address : 2-3-1, Asaksua, Taito-Ku, Tokyo 111-0032

Menchikatsu “Asakusa Menchi”

At Asakusa Menchi, they offer you a just fried Menchi-Katsu. Menchi-Katsu is a well-loved cuisine of Japan, a fried patty of minced meat. The Menchi-Katsu at Asakusa Menchi is made with the brand pork “Koza-buta” which gives a soft touch and allowing the juiciness to spread in your mouth after taking a bite in the crunchy fry. Although it is mini-sized, the volume of the meat will surely satisfy your stomach.

Address: 2-3-3, Asakusa, Taito-Ku, Tokyo 111-0032

Jumbo Melon Pan “Kagetsudo”

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ジャンボメロンパン 🚩浅草花月堂 とあるインターンで 隣の女の子が私と言えば浅草です!って自己紹介 せっかくなので浅草のおすすめを聞くと ジャンボメロンパン(彼女のバイト先だそう) 翌日ちょうどフリーだったのでちょっくらお出かけ 某ウイルスの影響か少々人少なめ そんななかゆるい人混みが一つ みんなメロンパン食べてる パンに人は集うのです おっきなメロンパンにびっくりしつつも注文 受け取るとびっくり、かるい! フワフワで潰れちゃう食べてるとだんだん平たく… 周りのカリカリが史上最強 かと言って内部フワフワと別居してるわけでもなく 難無くジャンボ完食 太陽の下、表面の砂糖がキラキラ 理想と現実のギャップに悩み 理想と実力のギャップに苦しむ 何一つ決まらない将来 少し先すら真っ暗な未来 でもその道の途中に輝くメロンパンがあったとさ ワクワクするよね #パン #メロンパン #メロンパン専門店 #花月堂 #花月堂メロンパン #浅草パン屋 #浅草 #浅草グルメ #浅草食べ歩き #東京パン屋 #東京観光 #東京グルメ #パン好き #パン好きな人と繋がりたい #パン屋 #パン屋巡り #bread #bread🍞 #雷門

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Melon pan is a favored pastry of Japan and is a sweet bread covered with cookie dough. Despite its name, melon is not often used as its ingredient, but the name comes after its shape resembling Melon. The Melon pan of Kagetsudo is famous for its hugeness, having a crumbly and fluffy texture at the same time. They have fillings of creams and fruits which makes it taste like a cake!

Address : 2-7-13 Asakusa, Taito-Ku, Tokyo 111-0032

〒111-0032 東京都台東区浅草2丁目7−13

Daigaku Imo, “Oimoyasan Koshin”

“Daigaku Imo” is a popular Japanese sweet where sweet potatoes are entangled with honey. The potatoes are mixed with the honey right after they are fried, which makes it crispy at the outside, and smooth in the inside. Opened in 1876, Oimoyasan Koshin serves Daigaku Imo with different types of sweet potatoes, where “Satsuma” is sophisticated and soft, while “Azuma” is bright gold and is famous for its good quality.

Address ; 1-32-1 Asakusa, Taito-Ku, Tokyo 111-0032