Five Beautiful Wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets) That You Should Try Once



Did you know that there are a lot of beautiful Wagashi in Japan? Wagashi often reflects four seasons in Japan, so they show us different beautiful faces on each different season!



Nerikiri is unbaked type of Wagashi that is made of white bean jam, Chinese yam and rice flour. It is often served at tea ceremony with tea.

Nerikiri is often reflects the flower of the season. This one has a shape of Asagao which is a flower of Japanese rain season.


Kanten is traditional Japanese sweets which is like jelly. It looks so clear like jewelry. Can you believe that this is edible?


Warabimochi is not same as Mochi, it is also jelly-like Japanese sweets. When you eat Warabimochi, you eat them dipping in kinako powder.

Ichigo Daifuku

Ichigo Daifuku is also known as Strawberry Mochi. It contains a strawberry and sweet filling inside mochi and their combination is great!


Look at the beautiful color of them! Dorayaki is Wagashi which has red bean paste between two pancakes. Adding whipped cream like this photo is also a great way to enjoy Dorayaki.