Popular Sweets You Must Try At Japanese Festival



Have you ever visited Japanese Festival? There are so many food stand that you might be confused which one to buy. By checking sweets below, It will help you to buy popular but unique Japanese sweets to buy!

Hachioji Festival




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Every year in the middle of August take place summer festival in Hachioji! This festival is famous for its many food stand! You can enjoy various foods and sweets here. The date will change every year, so it is recommended to check the date if you are willing to go.

Address : 1, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0083






This is a traditional Japanese shaved ice. There are various types of syrups such as strawberry, watermelon, lemon and so on! It is very hot during summer in Japan, so it will make you refresh. But be careful, if you eat it too fast, you will have a headache!






Anzu-ame is fruit on a stick coated with candy. And Anzu means apricot in Japanese. There are several fruit which is coated with candy. For example, strawberry, mandarine, cherry and so on! It is bit sticky but delicious.





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Tai-yaki is a fish shaped pancake filled with jam or cream inside. Most orthodox one is red bean jam (Anko) inside. There are also custard cream, chocolate and so on!





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Imagawa-yaki is very similar to Tai-yaki. Originally, there is a merchant who was having trouble with selling Imagawa-yaki. And he came up with an idea of changing its shape into fish. Tai means red snapper in Japanese and usually, people eat red snapper when they have a celebration. Eventually, the merchant could sell better than before! So difference between Imagawa-yaki and Tai-yaki is the shape.