The Beautiful World of Wagashi



The pleasure of “Wagashi”, traditional Japanese sweets, is not only about the taste but from its beauty. Wagashi is enjoyed from the moment it is served in front of you, from its breathtaking appearance. Here we will introduce you to the beautiful Wagashi of Japan for you to share it on your Instagram!

“Sakura no Yumemiya” – Kamakura (Kanagawa Prefecture)

“Sakura no Yumemiya” is a store located in Komachi street of Kamakura and is specialized in selling Dango (Sweet Japanese dumpling made from Rice flour). The Dango sold here are decorated with colorful toppings of different flavors. If you want to enjoy several flavors at once, try the “Four Colored Dango” where Dango of four different flavors are aligned in one skewer.

Address : 2-7-34 Komachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, 248-0006

“Funawa” – Asakusa (Tokyo Prefecture)

At the famous sightseeing attraction Asakusa, you will be able to purchase the cute and colorful “Ankodama” from “Funawa”. These cute little balls are filled with red bean paste. Each of these colorful balls is with different flavors, from the typical Japanese flavor of Macha to the unique flavor of Coffee. The sweetness is kept moderate to allow people to eat it in one bite. It is a favored snack from people of all ages, and perfect for souvenirs!

Address : 1-3-5, Asakusa, Taito-Ku, Tokyo 111-0032

“Sakuraya-Kaho” – Inuyama (Aichi Prefecture)

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「舞のかざし」 リポスト🕴🏻暖かくなり、お出かけ日和が続くようになってきましたねー☀️⛳️🚙💨 . お花見の季節もそろそろ終わりですが🌸、ここから夏に掛けては過ごしやすく外出にもぴったりです👫✨ . 犬山城下町といえば「お団子」というイメージがすっかり強くなりましたね😳🍡 . 桜屋菓舖さんのお団子「舞のかざし」は、恋小町だんごに負けず劣らずなインスタ映えですよ📷✨ . @__ymch__ さん、#ナゴレコ ありがとうございます🙌🙌🙌 . Repost @__ymch__ . ♡ * 昨日のお出かけ🤗🌸 * ⑅⃝岐阜県墨俣の桜のトンネル⑅⃝ 満開は過ぎてまぁまぁ散っちゃってたけどそれでもキレイだった🌸 桜吹雪も地面に落ちた花びらたちもみんなキレイだった〜🙈·˖✶ * ⑅⃝愛知県 犬山城下町⑅⃝ 見ての通り#花より団子 状態🤣🍡 人気の#恋小町だんご は前回食べたから 今回は食べたことないものを😋💕 たくさん人いたけどそんなに行列でもなかったかな〜 今の犬山ホントすごいね! 行くたびに新しい店できてる😳🙌🏻 * ⑅⃝博物館 明治村⑅⃝ 初めて行ったけどめっちゃ広かった🤭💭 歴史的な建造物が並んでて結構おもしろかったな🌈 ただ暑すぎてふざけた写真しか撮ってない🤣 ハイライト🌸🌸🌸参照🤣🤣🤣 * * ホントはこんな3つもまわる予定ではなかったんだけど1日でたくさん楽しい思い出できて良かったな(◡̈)/♥︎ 笑いっぱなしの1日でした♩

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“Sakuraya-Kaho” is located in Inyuama of Aichi Prefecture, and is said to serve the most beautiful skewered Wagashi of Japan. The name of this skewer is “Mai no Kazashi”, which represents the beauty of Spring resembling the shape of Japanese traditional hairpin (Kanzashi). It is composed of different snacks of Yokan (Sweet Bean Jelly), Agar, and strained bean paste. This skewer is only sold during the Spring season, but in Fall they serve the “Momiji no Kazashi”, with the motif of Autumn in Japan.

Address : 72-1,Nishikoken, OojiInuyama Inuyama, Inuyama-shi, Aichi 484-0081

“Sankaido” – Ishikawa

“Sankaido” creates the treasure box of Wagashi, which is a series named “Sotto Hirakuto” (meaning “Open Softly”). As its naming, once you open the box of Monaka (Thin wafer), you will be amazed by the small, colorful dried confectionery neatly placed. The series consists of this treasure box for all four seasons, with cherry blossoms in Spring, and colored leaves representing Autumn. Inside there is a hidden fortune telling, which makes this snack a new type of fortune cookie!

Address: 8 Yu no Honmachi, Yamanaka Onsen, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa 922-0122

“Shichijo Kanshundo” – Kyoto

Out of all the photogenic sweets of “Shichijo Kanpodo”, we would like to share “Amanokawa” which is gaining popularity from its outstanding beauty. This is a Yokan (Sweet Bean Jelly) sold only during Summer, from June to August. It resembles the Milky Way by expressing dark blue night filled with glimmering stars. You can enjoy the gradation of blue once it is cut into pieces.

Address: 551 Nishino Kadomachi, Higashiyama-Ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 605-0947