The Best Cuisines of Fukuoka



Fukuoka is one of the 5 major cities of Japan. Located in the North-Western area of Kyushu Island, it is increasing popularity as a major sightseeing spot, as the location is accessible than Tokyo for several Asian countries. Facing the Hakata Bay, the city is full of amazing cuisines, and many tourists visit this city for its gourmet! Here we will pick up some of the recommendable cuisines which you should definitely eat during your visit.

Hakata Ramen

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Hakata Ramen is one of the most loved ramens in Japan. It is ramen composed of “Tonkotsu soup” (Soup based by pork bones) and thin noodles. The Pork bones are strongly heated, allowing the gelatin to melt out creating a milky appearance and creamy taste. The hardness of the noodle can be arranged to your favor (from soft to extremely hard) and as the portion of the noodle is moderate, you can order a second block of noodle, known as “Kaedama”, to be added into your soup. There are many recommendable restaurants to try Hakata Ramen, such as the famous “Issou”, but it is also fun to visit the food stall and order a bowl of Ramen after drinking.


Mentaiko is a pollock roe (a specie of Cod) marinated with powdered chilis and spices, and is a common dish eaten in Japan. The spicy, dense taste matches perfectly well with white rice, but can also be enjoyed with Japanese Sake. If you want your stomach to be satisfied with the best Mentaiko, visit the “Ganso Hakata Mentai Ju” where you will be served a simple dish of white rice topped with Mentaiko and Seasoning, to savor the condensed Umami of every bite.

Motsu Nabe

Motsu Nabe is a typical Hot Pot eaten in this area. The ingredients consist of Motsu (Beef or Pork offal) as the main ingredients, added with cabbages and garlic chives. The soup is commonly soy-sauce based, but at times, there are alternative types such as Miso based soup. The Hot Pot is topped with garlic and hot chili peppers giving it a spicy punch. At “Rakutenchi”, you will be surprised by the amount of garlic chives topped on the hot pot!

Goma Saba

Goma Saba is a local cuisine where Mackerel (Saba) is coated with sesame (Goma) and marinated with sweet soy-sauce based seasoning. Mackerel can be eaten raw only if it is fresh enough, but from its location facing the Hakata Bay, Fukuoka is abundant with fresh seafood allowing them to serve this dish. At “Hakata Gomasaba Ya”, a restaurant specialized for Goma Saba, you will be able to try different styles of Goma Saba at a reasonable price.


Mizutaki is a hot pot, simply composed of chicken and vegetables. The soup is created only by water (mizu) and the broth taken from the ingredients, allowing a simple but sophisticated taste. Common ingredients used for Mizu Taki are Cabbages, Spring Onions, Tofu, and Mushrooms. If you want to enjoy an extreme Mizutaki Experience, visit the famous “Nagano”, but don’t forget to make a reservation beforehand as it is very popular!