Udon Trip to Kagawa



Kagawa Prefecture of Shikoku is known to be the “Udon Prefecture” of Japan. “Sanuki Udon” of Kagawa is the most popular Udon of Japan, loved for its fluffy but strong and chewy texture. Many people visit Kagawa to savor the best Udon in the country. Here we will introduce recommendable Udon restaurants which gains high popularity at this mecca of Udon.

Different Serving Style of Udon at Kagawa

First, let us explain the different serving styles when eating Udon at Kagawa.

  • Self-Serve style: After receiving the noodle, you add the Dashi (Broth), topping, and condiments by yourself.
  • Factory style: These are the eat-in corners located inside Udon factories. They are mostly self-serve style.
  • Restaurant type: Ordinary restaurant, where you order from the menu and the staff will serve to the table.

Recommendable Restaurants

“Yamagoe Udon” (Self Serve Style)

Having a history of 70 years, “Yamagoe Udon” is located at the food of the Sanuki Mountains. As they only serve freshly made Udon, the restaurant is opened only until 13:30. Out of the 8 different Udon menu, the most popular is “Kama Tama Yama” which is topped with raw egg and Yam. This store is the first to come up with this famous style of mixing Raw Egg with the Udon, creating a mellow texture. The Eating space is located outside, which allows the guest to enjoy their Udon in the beautiful garden.

Address : 602-2 Hayukakami, Ayagawa-Cho, Ayauta-Gun, Kagawa 761-2207

“Yamashita Udon” (Self Serve Style)

Yamashita Udon is the birthplace of the “Bukkake” style Udon, where the Dashi (Broth) is directly poured on top of the Udon. The Bukkake Udon here is served with lemon, giving a fresh accent. The store is covered in nature, and unlike many Udon places in Kagawa, this store is opened until the afternoon. The store also serves the local popularity “Oden” (a type of pot dish) which is favored as a side dish of your Udon.

Address: 284-1 Yogita-Cho, Zentsuuji-Shi, Kagawa 765-0040

“Hinode Seimenjo” (Factory Type)

This store is like a hideaway, as it is opened only for 1 hour (11:30-12:30). “Hinode Seimenjo” decided to create an eating space & time after receiving many requests from its fans. The cost of the noodle (1 block)  is surprisingly 120yen! Once after receiving the noodle, you will be able to customize it at your favor, by using the Dashi and condiments arranged at the table.

Address : 1-8-5 Fujimi-Cho, Sakaide-Shi, Kagawa 762-0046

“Udon Baka Ichidai” (Self Served Style)

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There is always a long queue in front of “Udon Baka Ichidai” as their “Kama Tama Butter Udon” attracts Udon lovers from all over the country. Being mouth-watering from its name, the just-boiled Udon is mixed with creamy butter and raw egg creating a perfect harmony. This store serves their Udon noodles within 10 minutes after it is boiled. The access is also good, as it located within 10 minutes walk from Kawara Machi Station.

Address : 1-6-7 Taga-Cho, Takamatsu-Shi, Kagawa 760-0063

“Okasen” (Restaurant Type)

Until here we have introduced casual self-served style Udon restaurant, but lastly, let us recommend the luxury Udon experience at “Okasen”. Being an ordinary restaurant-style, the specialty of Okasen is the “Hiyaten Oroshi”, with the topping of 2 large Shrimp Tempuras (which is everybody’s favorite) and Grated Daikon Radish. The noodle is cooled down right after it is boiled, which gives it a strong texture.

Address : 129-10 Hachiban-Cho, Utazuchohama, Ayauta-Gun, Kagawa 769-0208