Visiting Shinyokohama Ramen Museum



Shinyokohama Ramen Museum is the place that people are able to eat famous Ramen of Japan without getting flights. There are 6 Ramen restaurants, bar, gallery and some shops. Inside the museum is designed like old time Japan and it has typical mood of that period!

Ryukyu Shinmen Tondou – Okinawa

At Tondou, you can eat Ramen which comes from the south most part of Japan. It is made by local foods of Okinawa. The soup is refreshing but tasty by using pork, chicken, vegetables and seaweeds.

Komurasaki – Kumamoto

Here you can eat Ramen of Kumamoto. Its soup is made by pork and also small quantity of chicken. The characteristic of this Ramen is garlic chips on the top. It smells well roasted and crispy.

Hacchian Ramen – Hakata

It took 25 years to convince the Ramen store(Hacchian Ramen) to open in this museum. Hakata Ramen is also one of the most famous Ramen in Japan. The soup is very traditional which is made by 100% pork.

RYUS NOODLE BAR – Tronto Kanada

Just one Ramen store is not based in Japan but very popular. Chicken was boiled many hours to extract its taste. Mixing also vegetables potage and seafoods. Usually, this taste can only be found in Canada.

Ramen Miraku – Hokkaido Rishiri

It takes over 8 hours from Tokyo to the main shop at local to eat this Ramen. Thankfully, it exists in Shinyokohama that you can enjoy while you are traveling around Tokyo. It uses local seaweed for soup with roasted soy sauce.

Ryu-Shanghai – Akayu Yamagata

The main shop was opened in 1960 and its soup is based on Japanese miso. The topping on the top is chili-miso which is a little spicy but matches incredibly well with this Ramen.

Opening Hours And Entrance Fee

Open : 11:00a.m.~22:00p.m. (Last oder is 30 min before closing restaurant)

Entrance Fee : Adult (age 19 or over)/380 yen , Student (age under 19) /100 yen , Child (age under 6) /free of charge

Adress : 2 Chome-14-21 Shinyokohama, Kouhoku District,Yokohama City, Kanagawa prefecture 222-0033