New Girls Group From Japan- Here Is Nizi U Members Profile



Nizi U is a new girls group from Japan produced by JYP entertainment. Winning an audition show (Nizi Project), 9 members officially debuted as Nizi U. In this article, I’m going to introduce each member’s profile.

Members profile


Full Name : Mako Yamaguchi

Birthday (Age) : 2001/4/4 (19)

Birthplace : Fukuoka

Mako is the oldest member in Nizi U and she spent the longest period as a trainee. Her leadership, as well as dance and vocal skill are highly evaluated by J. Y. Park.



Full Name : Riku Oe

Birthday (Age) : 2002/10/26 (17)

Birthplace : Osaka

She is someone who always brighten the group. It is well known that her reaction when she is surprised at something is really funny and cute.


Full Name : Rima Yokoi

Birthday (Age) : 2004/3/26 (16)

Birthplace : Tokyo

She looks kind of a cool at first, but her real face behind the stage is so cute. She’s got such a powerful and energetic voice and especially her rap part always amazes us.



Full Name : Rio Hanabashi

Birthday (Age) : 2002/2/4 (18)

Birthplace : Aichi

She has been practicing dance since she was little and her dance is highly evaluated by J. Y. Park. She is one of the oldest members and some members call her onni (elder sister in Korean).



Full Name : Maya Katsumura

Birthday (Age) : 2002/4/8 (18)

Birthplace : Ishikawa

She has such a great acting skill while performances. J. Y. Park evaluates her that she has the ability to look herself more than her real skill.



Full Name : Miihi Suzuno

Birthday (Age) : 2004/8/12 (15)

Birthplace : Kyoto

She is one of the members who had been practicing as a JYP trainee before Nizi Project. She also has a great acting ability and her face totally changes depends on the stages and songs.



Full Name : Mayuka Ogo

Birthday (Age) : 2003/11/3 (16)

Birthplace : Osaka

Mayuka’s rank was not high at the beginning of training period in Korea, she showed us how much she progressed st the stage of Heartbeat in Mako team. And her smile always makes people happy.



Full Name : Ayaka Arai

Birthday (Age) : 2003/6/20 (17)

Birthplace : Tokyo

Not only cute, she has a bit of mysterious atmosphere and funny face. She came to Korea at the rank of 13, but she progressed a lot in Korea and chosen as a group member.



Full Name : Nina Hillman

Birthday (Age) : 2005/2/27 (15)

Birthplace : Washington

She is the youngest member in Nizi U. She is half American and half Japanese and moved to Japan few years ago. She has a great singing ability and is especially good at high notes.