MUJI Shopping List- These Are What You Need To Buy At MUJI



Do you have a plan to go to a MUJI store? If you do, it’s better to check put their lineups before and make a shopping list. Here I made list of MUJI goods you need to buy in Japan!


1. Stationeries


They have great variety of stationaries. Not only its simple and beautiful design, they are also popular for its functionality.






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Not only normal notebooks, they also have to do lists paper, schedule books too, which are famous that they are functional and easy to use.


2. Foods


Did you know that MUJI foods and snacks also have great popularity among Japanese people? They have some drinks, traditional Japanese snacks, sweets and instant food, which are all great.


instant curry

Instant curry is one of the most popular food products in MUJI. They have many kinds of curry which used a lot of spices. All you have to heat them up, but they are really tasty.


3. Cosmetics


hese lotions are the most popular cosmetics products in MUJI. They have three type of lotions each of which has different texture, choose the best one depends on your skin type.


4. Travel goods

passport case

Among all the travel goods, this passport case especially has a lot of fans. It is popular that you can put different currencies into those small cases and organize them when you travel several countries at the same time.


5. Kitchen goods

silicone cooking spoon

MUJI has a lot of functional and simple kitchen goods. This silicon spoon looks normal at first, but is really popular for its perfect shape to mix ingredients, stir-fry, and scoop.