What To Know About JPOP – Metal Idol Band – BABYMETAL



Have you ever heard of BABYMETAL – one of the most popular Japanese artists in the world? I hope you will know how attractive they are through this article.


Why they are so popular?

BABYMETAL is not a normal idol group that you will probably imagine. They are not ordinary cute idols, they are such a cool idols who can play metal songs.




Position: vocal / dance

Birthday: 1997/12/20



Position: scream / vocal

Birthday: 1999/7/4

*One of the previous members, YUIMETAL left the group in 2018 and currently BABYMETAL is a group of two members.

Their activities so far

They debuted in 2013 with their first song “Ijime, Dame, Zettai”.


Recently it is guessed among fans that they will add a new member. BABYMETAL will become more popular global J-POP artists in the future.