Enjoy Island Hopping at Okinawa!



Looking for a new resort to spend your vacation? Having the remarkable beaches and easygoing atmosphere, the islands of Okinawa will surely satisfy your desire to spend an unforgettable time. Although the main island of Okinawa is fascinating with full of attractions, here, we will like to take one step further and introduce you to the other islands of Okinawa. From the 47 inhabited islands of different charms and characteristics, let us help you to find the island that will perfectly fit your need!

Ishigaki Island – Best choices for Okinawa Beginners

The most reachable island will be the Ishigaki Island, having many flights connected from the main island, along with direct flights from Tokyo. This allows Ishigaki Island to be the gateway for many other islands, therefore, it is best to start your island hopping here! The unmissable area to visit is the Kabira Bay. Famous for it’s “Kabira Blue” this ocean shows supreme blue gradation, changing its expression from time to time. For dinner, we recommend you to savor the famous Ishigaki Beef, a must-eat local specialty!

Miyako Island – The most Beautiful Beach of Japan

Miyako Island, also accessible by having direct flights from Tokyo, is a dream island for all beach lovers, as the “Yonaha Maehama Beach” is famous for being the most beautiful beach in Eastern Asia. The fine white sands contrasting with the emerald ocean creates a stunning view, making it a perfect spot for diving and snorkeling. From Miyako Island, you can easily travel to the three other islands of “Kurima Island”, “Irabu Island”, and “Ikema Island” by driving or cycling, as these islands are connected by bridges.

Taketomi Island – The island where time has stopped

If you want to be shut out from the outer world and enjoy a peaceful time, take a break at the Taketomi Island. Having no airport, the only access to this island is by taking a ferry from Ishigaki Island. We recommend you take the famous Water Buffalo Carts which will take you around this small island (with a circumference of only 9km) at a slow pace, so you can enjoy the unspoiled landscape of Okinawa with the villages having traditional red roofs.

Iriomote Island – Adventure through the jungle of the ancient world

If you are seeking for adventure, travel 45 minutes by ferry from Ishigaki Island, to enter the mysterious Iriomote Island. 90% of the island is covered by a tropical jungle, consisting of 15 nationally protected species, and countless mangroves. This characteristic makes it famous to be the Galapagos Island of the East. Explore the untouched jungle by trekking or canoe, making you feel as you have time-traveled to the ancient ages! The island is good for a day trip, but it is also worth spending a night here to gaze at the amazing stars.

Kume Island – Trip to the paradise

Taking 30 minutes flight from the main island is Kume Island. From the old times, this island was told to be the “most beautiful island” out of all the Okinawa islands. If you are visiting Kume Island, you must definitely take a tour to the “Hate no Hama”, where 3 small islands of only white sands are gathered. All you will see here is a line of white sands and an everlasting blue horizon, making you feel as you are in paradise.