Feeling Autumn in Tokyo – Recommendable spots to enjoy the Colored leaves



One of the main reasons for tourists to visit Japan is to enjoy the beautiful seasons of this country. During Autumn, the amazing colored leaves of yellow, red, and orange attracts people from all around the world. People travel to the mountain areas with rich nature to enjoy these colored leaves, but to tell you a secret, there are many amazing places to enjoy this scene of Autumn while staying in the city of Tokyo. We will introduce to recommendable areas in Tokyo to be visited during the fall season to appreciate the outstanding colors.

Which Time of Year is best for colored leaves in Tokyo?

The best season for Colored Leaves in Tokyo is from late November to early December. The color usually starts to come in around the 3rd week of November and will last at the latest until the 2nd week of December.

Recommendable Spots


7 minutes walk from Komagome Station is the beautiful Japanese garden “Rikugien”. Established in the Edo period, it is known to be part of the 2 Great Gardens of Tokyo, along with the famous Korakuen Garden. You will appreciate the outstanding colored leaves with an entrance fee of only 300 yen, where the view is especially spectacular around the Tsutsuji no Chaya Tea House, and the Togetsukyo Bridge. From late November to early December, they host light-up events of these colored leaves

Address: 6-16-3 Honkomagome, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo 113-0021

Todoroki Valley

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Todoroki Valley is the only canyon found in the 23 Wards of Tokyo. Only 5 minutes walk from Todoroki station, it is difficult for you to believe that you are still in the busy city of Tokyo when experiencing the silence and peacefulness of this area. Appreciate the Colorful leaves with the murmuring sound of the river, and the temple of Todoroki Fudo. The colored leaves can also be enjoyed from the observation deck.

Address : 1-22 Todoroki, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo 158-0082

Meiji Jingu Gaien

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都会の秋🏙💛🧡 東山魁夷の絵に会いたくて 国立新美術館へ 人が多くて ゆっくりは出来てなかったけど 十分に感じて来ました🖼💓 少ない色数で 少ない光量なのに・・内から出てくる光を放っていました✨✨✨ジーン💓月の光・・静かでいて でも 明るい🌙 幻想的な絵🖼も・・襖絵の世界も 引き込まれました✨✨✨まだ 感動が収まらないから 🙏支離滅裂ですネ😅 その後 外苑前まで 散歩して 銀杏並木で 黄色い絨毯踏みしめて来ました💛🚶‍♂️💛💛💛💛 うん 見頃の銀杏 楽しい時間🤗 #銀杏並木 #銀杏通り #銀杏の木の下で #黄色い絨毯 #外苑前いちょう並木 #外苑前 #秋色 #銀杏がきれい #銀杏が綺麗 #秋色の風景 #flowers_super_pics #黄色い葉っぱ #黄色い世界 #都会の秋#明治神宮外苑前 #明治神宮外苑前銀杏並木 #神宮外苑前#wp_japan #wp_ flower

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The golden road leading 300 meters from Aoyama street is the 146 Ginkgo trees. Being the symbol of Autumn in Tokyo for more than 100 years, the view of these Gingo trees blends perfectly within the cityscape. Here you will appreciate the different shades of yellow. Enjoy walking on top of the carpet of yellow leaves. The road can be reached by 10 minutes walk from Shinanomachi Station.

Address : 1 Mintao-Ku, Tokyo 107-0061

Otaguro Koen

Otaguro Koen is a beautiful Japanese garden owned by the Suginami Ward and is one of the most famous places for having amazing colored leaves. The park is 10 minutes walk from Ogikubo Station. After passing the road aligned with yellow Gingko leaves, you will be astonished by the outstanding bright red maple trees. Amazingly this spacious park has no entrance fee!

Address : 3-33-12 Okigubo, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo 167-0051


At Gotokuji, the cute Maneki Neko (Beckoning Cat) will accompany you along with the view of colorful leaves. Maneki Neko is a long-loved charm of Japan bringing good luck and success in business, and at Gotokuji there are more than 1000 Maneki Neko waiting for you! There are not many places in the world to appreciate this unique view.

Address : 2-24-7 Gotokuji, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo 154-0021