Hanayashiki – Oldest Theme Park In Japan



There are thousands of theme park in the world. And everyone loves to go there and enjoy the time with family or close friends. Here in Asakusa, you can find the very first theme park in Japan.


The name of theme park is “Hanayashiki” which means “flower mansion” in Japanese. It was opened in 1853, the oldest theme park in Japan. Unfortunately, it was destroyed once during WW2 but it was rebuilt in 1947.

Opening Hours and Entrance Fee


・Adult (over 12 years old) : 1000 yen

・Child (under 12 years old) : 500 yen

・Senior : 500yen

・Baby (under 5 years old) : Free

Oldest Roller Coster in Japan

Its top speed is only 42km/h! But it feels very thrilling because of its age. It became 67 years old in 2020 and still excite the people. You should try the roller coster when you came here.

Space Shot

Space Shot is the fastest and the most thrilling ride in Hanayashiki. It goes up to 60m high and goes down in a second. Maybe you can see Skytree from the top!

Obake Yashiki (Haunted House)

The theme of this Obakeyashiki is a ghost of cherry blossom. It sounds like pretty but this kind of ghost believed to be capable of causing harm in the world of living, injuring or killing enemies.


Little Star

It looks a lovely star and seems like an attraction for children, but it isn’t. Once it moves and rolls, you will be in a chaos.