Let’s Make Your Original Cup Noodles – CUP NOODLES MUSEUM In Yokohama



Here is a dream place for who loves instant noodles. It is not just a museum but it is also an amusement park where children can enjoy too. Let’s see what we can do here.

Chicken Ramen Factory

As its name suggests, you can make “Chicken Ramen” by hand at this Factory. “Chicken Ramen” is the one of the most famous instant noodles in Japan. Knead and stretch flour, then steam it before flavoring. At last, dehydrate Ramen with oil. It takes 90 minutes.

My Cup Noodles Factory

Here is the main section. You can chose 1 taste of soup out of 4 and also 4 ingredients out of 12. Total amount of combination reaches 5,460. Let’s try to find your best Cup Noodles.

Cup Noodles Park

Cup Noodles Park has 6 attractions which children can play. With this attractions, people becomes “Ramen” and experiences the feeling of “Ramen”. For example, the picture above shows that you’ve been packed in a box and been shipped.

Noodles Bazaar

In Noodles Bazaar, you can eat noodles of all over the world like Vietnam, Italy, China and so on. There are 8 stores and offer 10 noodles and around 10 desserts in total.

Instant Ramen History Cube

At Instant Ramen History Cube displays product lineup which begins from very first Instant Ramen, “Chicken Ramen”. It shows over 3,000 packages of Instant Ramen.

Opening Hours And Entrance Fee

Open : 10:00a.m.~18:00p.m. (last admission at 17:00)

Entrance Fee : Adult (age 19 or over)/500 yen , Child (under 19)/free of charge.

Adress : 2 Chome-3-11-4 Shinkou, Naka District, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0001

Stop by at Cup Noodles Museum when you come to Yokohama and have a great experience.