One Day Trip From Tokyo – Visiting Sarushima In Yokosuka



There are various sightseeing places which depart from Tokyo and return in one day. Yokosuka is one of them and popular sightseeing spots for Japanese. This area is mixed with Japanese and American culture and that creates an unique character of the city.

About Yokosuka and Sarushima






Yokosuka is 1 hour way from Tokyo. American military base and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force are in this area. Therefore, some parts of the city has an atmosphere of America. And from Yokosuka, you can take a boat to Sarushima. There are famous spots for sightseeing too. For example, Memorial museum of Verny, Perry park, Mikasa Historic Memorial Warship and so on.

Uninhabited island Sarushima





There is one boat that comes every hour at Mikasa Park. After 10 minutes, the boat reaches already at Sarushima. Early years of Maiji period, this island was military fortress. So, you can find the building like ammunition depot, military barracks and artillery battery. Today, since it was untouched by people for many years, nature fused with these architecture. And that looks so mystical.

Soul food in Yokosuka




Kentaro Muroi(@kentaro.gourmet)がシェアした投稿

Navy burger and navy curry are the soul food in Yokosuka. The former is American and the latter is Japanese. Many American soldiers like to go eat them at Dobuita Street which is mentioned below.

Shopping at American street





Dobuita Street is one of the famous spot in Yokosuka. There are American bars, shops and restaurants on the street. At shops here, selling military clothes like jackets or pants. You may find an unique souvenir!