Recommendable areas in Japan to enjoy Colored Leaves



In Japan, the vivid colors of red, yellow, and orange will announce the arrival of Autumn. Being a country having beauty in each of the four seasons, there are recommendable spots all over Japan, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Colored Leaves. Here we will introduce some of the popular places for you to appreciate Autumn in Japan.

“Kurikomayama” – Miyagi, Iwate, and Akita Prefecture

Season: From Late September to Mid October

Kurikomayama is a mountain spreading throughout three different prefectures of North Japan: Miyagi, Iwate, and Akita. Amazingly, the whole mountain is covered with Colored leaves, which makes it known to be the “God’s Carpet”. The color starts to shade from the top of the mountain, gradually spreading down as it gets colder, which allows you to appreciate a beautiful gradation. There are 9 different hiking courses to enjoy these colors, as well as Hot Springs to relax after your hike.

“Nasu Kogen” – Tochigi Prefecture

Season: From Late September to Mid October

Nasu Kogen in Tochigi is favored for having an abundant nature, and the mountains here have beautiful fall colors starting from late September. The Maple and Japanese Rowan appears in vivid Scarlet colors, and this view can be enjoyed from the ropeway running 293 meters to the top of Chausudake mountain. From the top of this mountain, it is recommendable to hike to “Ubagadaira”, where you can appreciate the reflection of colored leaves shown in the “Hyotan Lake”.

“Metasequoia Namiki” – Shiga Prefecture

Season: Late November

The “Metasequoia Namiki” is a road with 500 metasequoias aligned for 2.4km, leading to the famous ski area Makino Kogen. Walking under this tunnel of metasequoia will make you feel as you have entered a picture book. The color first changes to yellow, and then gradually to red, allowing you to enjoy the different shades at different timing. The view of metasequoia blends in perfectly with the rich nature surrounding the are. Festivals with mini-concerts are hosted during the fall season to celebrate the Autumn colors.

“Lake Shirakoma” – Nagano Prefecture

Season: Early October

Out of all the amazing colored leaves of Nagano Prefecture, we will pick up Lake Shirakoma. Located at the elevation of 2115 meters up in the mountain, this lake is surrounded by the stunning colors of red and yellow during the fall. The reflection of colors shown in the lake is mystical and definitely unforgettable. It is nice to hike around the area, but what is most recommended is to take a boat ride, to enjoy the unbroken view of the area in peace and silence.

“Kodaiji” – Kyoto Prefecture

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It is Kyoto 's autumn style, light – up of Kodai-hi. It was built in 1605 and dedicated to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, known as one of the great samurai warriors in the Period of Civil War. 京都の秋の風物詩、高台寺のライトアップです。 秀吉とねね(高台院湖月尼)の寺です。 •人を信じるとは、自分を信じること •自分が感動しなければ、人を感動させることはできない •自分を好きにならなければ、人を好きになることはできない •自分を信じない人が、人を信じることはできない 何事も、全て自分自身が始まりであり、そして結果なのです••• こんな事を考える時間が持てました。 #kodaiji #高台寺 #高台寺ライトアップ #高台寺紅葉 #kyoto #京都の秋 #臥龍池

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If you wish to enjoy Autumn of authentic Japan, Kyoto will be the best place to visit. At Kodaiji – the temple of Nene (wife of the Daimyo Toyotomi Hideyoshi), the colored leaves blend in perfectly with the traditional Japanese Garden. The view is astonishing in the daytime but will show you a different face at night when the light-up event is held. You will appreciate the spiritual atmosphere, feeling as you have time-traveled to the ancient days.