Recommendable Onsen at the Tohoku Region



Located in the northeastern area of Japan, the winter at the Tohoku region is cold and long. This climate, and the rich nature bringing ingredients for outstanding cuisines, makes the region to be a perfect place to visit for an Onsen Trip. Here, we will introduce you to recommendable Onsen Town of the Tohoku Region for you to charge your power.

Nyuto Onsen (Akita Prefecture)

Hidden in the mountains of eastern Akita Prefecture is Nyuto Onsen. Nyuto Onsen is composed of Seven Onsen Ryokan (traditional Japanese Inn) gathered in one area. As the spring quality, atmosphere, and history of each Ryokan differ, you will be able to experience different types of hot spring at your one visit. At “Tsurunoyu”, the oldest and famous Ryokan of all, you will encounter the milky colored Onsen which is famous from this area.

Zao Onsen (Yamagata Prefecture)

Having a history of 1900 years, Zao Onsen is known to be one of the oldest hot springs of Japan. It is the biggest mountain resort in Tohoku Region and collects many tourists during the Ski Season. The hot spring quality is Sulfur Spring, having strong acidity and a particular smell. It works to rejuvenate your skin and blood vessels which is why this Onsen is named to be “Bijin Dukuri no Yu” (Hot spring to create Beauty). The area offers Hot spring at the 3 public bathhouses, 3-foot baths, and 5 Onsen Facilities.

Ginzan Onsen (Yamagata Prefecture)

At Ginzan Onsen you will be able to appreciate the Retro atmosphere from the Taisho Era. The Western Style Ryokans built during the Taisho and Showa Era are lined up along the Ginzan River, giving nostalgic feeling. The Onsen here has a Milky colored spring with yubana (mineral deposits of hot springs resembling flowers). The view at night time is breathtaking, with lanterns lighting up the buildings and river, which is convincing for why some people claim this place to be the model for the famous movie “Spirited Away”.

Akiu Onsen (Miyagi Prefecture)

Only 30 minutes from the city center of Sendai, you will feel as you have warped through time and place, as you enter the peaceful atmosphere of Akiu Onsen. Along the Natori River aligns Ryokans with various types of Onsen. The hot spring is soft and mellow keeping your body warm from the inside. During the day time, you can enjoy the wealthy nature of this area, such as the Great Akiu Fall, or the  Rairaikyou Canyon.

Naruko Onsen (Miyagi Prefecture)

Having a history of more than 1000 years, this site has attracted famous historians such as  Matsuo Basho and Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Most of the hot springs flow directly from the source. Out of the 11 spring qualities found in Japan, 9 could be enjoyed in this area. From the ancient ages, Naruko Onsen has a good reputation for its efficacy and good spring quality. Many tourists visit this area during the Autumn to enjoy the breathtaking colored leaves.