Recommendable Ski Resorts of Japan



Being a mountain country, Winter in Japan is perfect to visit for Skiing. There are great Ski Resorts, where you can enjoy along with hot spring and local cuisines of the area. Here we will recommend 5 Ski Resorts for you to experience a remarkable Winter vacation.

“Niseko Ski Resort”, Hokkaido Prefecture

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Niseko Ski Resort is famous for Skiiers all around the world. Located 100 km south of Sapporo, the resort is located at the foot of “Niseko-an-nupuri” mountain. This resort is composed of four different Ski Resorts, including “Niseko Hanazono Ski Resort”, “Niseko Grand Hirafu Suki Resort”, “Niseko Village Ski Resort”, and “Niseko Annupuri Ski Area”. What makes this ski resort popular is the rich nature of Hokkaido and the airy powder snow which is brought by the seasonal wind from Eurasia.

“Zao Ski Resort”, Yamagata Prefecture

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Zao is a famous Onsen town but is also admired for its Ski Resort. It has one of the biggest Ski resorts in the country, and the longest runway stretches over 9,000 meters! What makes Zao special is the amazing view of the frost-covered trees known as “Juhyo”, also known as the “Ice Monster” from its appearance. It can be enjoyed with light-up during the night. As it is difficult to appreciate this resort in a short time, we recommend you to stay overnight to enjoy Skiing along with the Onsen and delicious meals in this area.

“Shiga Kogen Ski Resort”, Nagano Prefecture

Shiga Kogen Ski Resort consists of 18 Ski Areas, which is divided into 4 different sections. Each Ski area is connected by a shuttle bus. In total there are 51 lifts, and there is a common lift pass for guests to enjoy Skiing at each of the areas Ski Areas. The best part is that you can enjoy the snow for a long season, as this Resort is open from November to May. As it is designated as the “Biosphere Conservation Area” by UNESCO, you can enjoy the abundant nature of the region.

“Naeba”, Niigata Prefecture

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Having a history of 55 years, Naeba Ski Resort is popular for being a casual Ski Resort, as it is family-friendly and has good access from Tokyo. It is favored by Skiiers and Snow Boarders of all ages. It consists of 22 Courses and 2 Snow Parks, having activities for small children to enjoy. During Winter, there is a firework festival where you can enjoy the unique view of firework with snow. It can be enjoyed as a Day trip, but you also have the option to stay at the Prince Hotel, the owner of this resort.

“Hakuba Happo-One”, Nagano Prefecture

Hakuba Happo-One is famous for being the stage for Winter Olympic 1998, bringing back dramatic scenes of the days. You can Slide along with the beautiful view of the Japanese Alps. The maximum runway is 8km long, allowing you to relish skiing for 24 minutes without stopping. Enjoy the Hakuba Happo Onsen along with the winter sports.