Short Trip To Beautiful Isolated Island From Tokyo



There is Izu islands near Tokyo. Many Japanese are visiting here on holiday to have refreshing and relaxing time! Here is an introduction about most recommended islands of Izu islands.


Oshima is the nearest island from Tokyo. 6 hours by night ferry, 1h45min by jet-ferry and 25 minutes by airplane from Chofu Airport. Oshima is called volcanic island that it erupted many times in history, therefore the view made from volcanic activity is spectacular! Also, you can enjoy scuba diving and other marine activity!


To go to Shikinejima, it takes 9 hours by night ferry and 2h30min by jet-ferry. There is no airport in this island. This island is just 12km round. You can rent a bicycle and hove a round trip! Besides the beach, there are also hot spring in this island. You can have a relaxing bath time after you enjoyed swimming and other marine sports!


It takes 8h30min by night ferry, 2h20min by jet-ferry and 35min by airplane from Chofu Airport. By erupting of Mukaiyama in 889, the hole island was covered with volcanic ash. Because of it, sea sand of this island is very beautiful white! There are also hot spring and other marine activities.


It takes 10h by night ferry, 4h by jet-ferry and 45min by airplane from Chofu Airport. It is called “Diamond Island” because of this wonderful nature, beautiful mountain and crystal clear ocean! The picture above is the most popular place in the island. You can jump from diving board into the sea and enjoy snorkeling too!


It takes 7h30min by night ferry, no jet ferries and no airport in this island. Since most part of this island is pristine nature, Mikurajima is called “The Island of Miracle”. Swimming with wild dolphin together, seeing giant trees which are over 500 years old are all can be done only in this island.