Spend a Day off at a Super Sento



If you desire to spend a day off just relaxing, released from all daily stresses, we recommend you to visit a Super Sento nearby. Sento is a communal bathhouse open for public, and as it’s naming, “Super Sento” is an evolved version of an ordinary Sento, having variations of baths and fulfilling facilities. It costs more than an ordinary Sento (where entrance fees are all settled to 470yen) but it is definitely worth the price being more than just a bathhouse – it is a theme park consisting of baths. You can spend all day, or even stay overnight to make it your accommodation. Let us introduce you tips to enjoy your time at Super Sento, giving examples from popular Super Sento around Tokyo

At Entrance – Get your Sento Wear


At the entrance, you will receive a Sento wear to put on inside the facility. At the famous Super Sento “Oedo Onsen Monogatari”, they offer various types of Yukata for your indoor wear, which will allow you to enjoy the traditional culture of Japan. You will also be provided by a wristband with a barcode attached, which will act as your wallet. Therefore, you can leave your belongings and clothes inside the locker, and wander about empty-handed.

Oedo Onsen  Monogatari Odaiba : 2-6-3 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064

Indoor Facilities

At an ordinary Sento, you will be separated into different sex once entering, but at a Super Sento, there are public spaces where you can spend your time with your family and friends of the opposite sex.

“Spadium Japon” offers a vast relaxing area with a food court and over 30,000 comic books free to read.

Sapdium Japon : 2-7-7 Uenohara, Higashi Kurume-shi, Tokyo 203-0001

“Edo-yu” is a bit unique, as they offer a working space with free wi-fi and meeting rooms. This allows you to release your stress right after work by soaking in the bath.

Edo-yu: 1-5-8 Kamezawa, Sumida-Ku, Tokyo 130-0014

Varieties of Bath

At a Super Sento, you will be able to experience various types of bath – from outdoor baths to medicated baths. At “Maneki no Yu” they offer variations including Jacuzzi, High concentrated carbonated bath, and bath with electric current, which all works differently to cure your body.

Other than the typical Hot Spring, many of the Super Sento offers bed rock bath at an additional price. This is more like a sauna, as you lay down on a heated rock to detox the waste products out from your body. Nagomi no Yu offers 4 different types of bed rock baths of different temperatures, and also a Loryu service is available.

Nagomi no Yu : 1-10-10, Kamiogi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 167-0043

Spa & Massages

If you want to add an essence of luxuriness, heal your body with a spa or massage after warming up your body in the bath. At LaQua Spa they offer a total of 11 different types of spa including Thai and Hawaiian style spa.