Tokyo Time Travelling – From Asakusa to Sky Tree



Being the iconic symbol of ancient and modern Tokyo, Asakusa, and Tokyo Sky Tree should both be on your top list to visit in Japan. Although the station from Asakusa to Oshiage (where the Skytree is located) is only 2 stations apart, we recommend you to take the time for a roundabout walk, for you to enjoy the mixed culture of traditional and contemporary Japan. Here we will introduce you a half-day itinerary from Asakusa to Sky tree, which will make you feel as if you are time travelling the capital of Japan!


First, let us show you the map for our itinerary. Although it will be much easier to walk east to reach Sky Tree, we recommend taking a small tour around the Sumida River, where there are many interesting attractions.


①Senso-Ji, Asakusa

Start off your trip by praying at the famous Senso-Ji, the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan. Completed in the year 645, it has been the iconic symbol of Tokyo for a long time, welcoming 30 million worshipers every year. The story told is that in the year 628, two brothers have fished a statue of Kannon at Sumida River, and built this temple as the house to worship the Goddess of Mercy.

②Sumida River

Now to follow the legend, let’s move to the Sumida River, which is famous for its fireworks. Stretching 23.5km from northern Tokyo to Tokyo Bay, Sumida River played a major role as the gateway of Tokyo bringing in people and businesses to the area. Today, we still see cruises and boats sailing along the river for sightseeing, as the river passes by major attractions of Tokyo city. Relax and enjoy the riverside view with amazing bridges, and local people enjoying their daily routines of fishing, jogging, and even practicing instruments!


Heading to the south, take a stop by at Kuramae, a town increasing its popularity for being the “Brooklyn of Tokyo”. Originally known to be an area for rice granaries, creators have renovated the old warehouses to unique cafes, stores, and restaurants, sprinkling in modern stylishness into the retro atmosphere preserved from the Edo era. Take a stop for a hot chocolate at the famous “Dandelion Chocolate”, or enjoy shopping at “Kakimori” where you can find your one and only, “customized stationery”.

④Lunch at Honjo-Azumabashi

Guess you are starting to get hungry at this point in the schedule. After crossing the bridge of Sumida River, although the towering Sky Tree is just a step ahead, it is worth stopping by at “Noguchi Fresh Fish Dealer” at Honjo-Azumabashi to satisfy your stomach with the amazing Kaisen-don (Rice bowl with seafood topping). It is famous for its overflowing seafood offered at a reasonable price!

⑤Sky Tree

It will only take you around 10 minutes to finally reach the Sky Tree! Opened in 2011, this tower surely is the representation of contemporary Tokyo. Towering 634 meters high, there are many options you can enjoy at Sky Tree, such as wandering the shopping area of “Solamachi”, or visiting the aquarium, but after this half-day trip, it is best to go up the observation deck to enjoy the overview of Tokyo city – which you have just time traveled by!