Traditional Games You Should Play At Japanese Festival



Have you ever been to a Japanese festival? At Japanese festival, you can see and feel the tradition of Japanese culture. There are many varieties of foods which tastes very good. Also, there are festival games that from kids to adults could enjoy!

Shitamachi Tanabata Festival





This Japanese festival take place from Asakusa to Ueno every July. There are a lot of stall stands on the road for 1.2km! Also, you can enjoy Japanese festival games too! Please, visit this festival when you come on July!

Address : 111-0035 Tokyo, Taito City, Nishiasakusa, 3

Shooting Gallery





Shooting gallery is very famous among kids. There are various items on the shelf and you need to drop down the item by hitting it. So that you can get that item! If you can get the item, it will be commemorative goods of trip also for adults!


Katanuki is really delicate game. There is a small plate with drawing. This plate is made by sweet like sugar, so it is safe if a small child eat this by mistake. You need to shave off the extra part of this plate without breaking the shape of the drawing. After you shaved off extra part completely, you can exchange it with money! There are many drawings from easy to difficult to shave off. Of course, if you shave more difficult one, you can get more money.

Goldfish Scooping

As you can see in the picture, this is a game in which you scoop goldfish with a very thin paper scoop from a water tank. If you scoop too strongly, the paper scoop will tear apart. This game is very traditional and also very typical of Japanese festival that every boys who grew up in Japan wants to go scooping with girlfriend.

String Lottery Game





There are many strings which are tied with items. By taking one of the string, you can get the item! But it is almost impossible to aim and get the item you want. On the other hand, it is fun to enjoy the surprise item. Unlike shooting gallery, you can definitely get commemorative goods!