Unique Souvenir Shopping



There are many recommendable souvenirs to be bought in Japan, but if you want to surprise your family and friends with something unique and different, or if you are searching for a memorable souvenir for yourself, we recommend you to visit the following stores! These are all stores that have many branches throughout major cities in Japan, so you can simply drop by in between your sightseeing.

Village Vanguard

At first, the Jazz bar in New York might pop up in your head, but “Village Vanguard” is also the name for a famous bookstore. Having the concept of “A playful bookstore”, you will first be amazed by the craziness of this store. The store is aligned with unique goods, such as raw meat designed towel or squid shaped cushion, stationaries, snacks, and all other types of miscellaneous goods you can never imagine!


At Kutsushita-ya (literally meaning “Sock Store”) you will encounter numerous types of socks, from cute animal designed short socks to fashionable see-through socks, as they provide socks that match with different lifestyles. At times, they collaborate with famous characters. Some of the socks are sold at a cheap price of 1,000yen (+tax) for 3 pairs, so you can choose socks that reminds you of your friends!

Kiddy Land

Being a country giving birth to many loveable characters, Kiddy Land is the place where you can meet with all your favorite characters from Japan. At the main branch of Harajuku, the store has 5 different stories, having special corners for the famous Hello Kitty to Rilakkuma.


Daiso is a store where all the products can be consumed at 100 yen(+tax). You will be amazed by the plentiful line-up which can all be consumed at such a cheap price, and your friends and family will never realize how cheap it is! They have all types of merchandise, from daily used products to amusing party goods.

Gelato Pique

Gelato Pique is the store where you will find the most cutest Room wear. The fluffy and soft touch of their room wear is addictive, and also photogenic. They are perfect for Pajama parties! As they sell wear for babies as well, it will be a great place to find souvenirs for just born babies.